I just purchased AssetEdge – now what?

  1. Validate that platform services is enabled
  2. Create a “Fixed Asset Journal” in Intacct by going to “General Ledger” –> “Journals” –> “Add”. The journal symbol must be “FAJ”
  3. Create or designate a GL account to be the fixed asset clearing account by going to “General Ledger” –> “Accounts”  (info on waiting to be capitalized account is located here 
  4. Fill out the Go-Live Questionnaire here
  5. Create a temporary account for your designated AssetEdge installation professional to complete the installation. The user ID should be named ps_config_AssetEdge and should be a Business User with full administrative rights.Note that you will not be charged for this user.

After you complete the 5 steps outlined above, sit back and relax. You can expect the following things to occur:

  • JOSEPH EVE will complete the install within 3 business days of the creation of the temporary account. Your installation professional will then contact you to schedule a 30 minute upload workbook overview meeting. Following that meeting you will receive the workbook via email to fill out.
  • Complete the QuickStart workbook then contact JOSEPH EVE to complete the import process and administer training
  • Your installation professional will create your classes and assets once the workbook is satisfactory
  • Your installation professional will contact you to schedule a 1 hour final training for you to familiarize yourself with AssetEdge


If at any time throughout the process you have a question, feel free to contact JOSEPH EVE:

  • Directly via email
  • Using the “Contact Us” form below
  • Submitting a ticket by going logging into Intacct and going to “Fixed Assets” –> “Support”

Get in touch with us!